Wu Academy Schedule of Classes

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Highlighted are open to new Kung Fu students right now.

  • Little Dragons: reserved for ages 5 -6 years old only.
  • Kung Fu Kids Level I: Beginning kids ages 7 – 12
  • Adult Kung Fu Level I: Beginner ages 13 and up
  • Competition Club: Pay per class drop-in structure ($10 per class). Designed to give students a class focused on preparation for competition events and rules. Participation must be approved by the instructor.

Highlighted are open to new Tai Chi students right now.

  • Tai Chi and Qigong classes: Focus on learning of traditional forms or “Taolu” and require long term consistent attendance to memorize correctly. Each form is broken into sections and taught in sessions that cycle through every couple of months. If you stick with it you will get as many chances as you need to master the form.
  • Push Hands Club: This class is a pay per class drop-in structure ($10 per class). All levels are welcome to come and explore applying Tai Chi principles with partner practice.