“At Wu Academy, we value respect: respecting yourself, the people around you, teachers of all kinds, your environment, and the martial arts being passed down to you. We believe that gifting respect for others is the basis of harmony and morality. Respect begins with yourself, then pours outward.”

Shifu Justin Eggert

A Mission of True Wellness

In early 2010, Master Justin Eggert founded Wu Academy in Santa Rosa to teach the art, techniques, and philosophy of Chinese martial arts. This evolved into a community center devoted to the true wellness of Mind and Body. This is now the driving force behind everything we do at Wu Academy, and what we hope to promote in our greater community of Sonoma County.

The definition of true wellness is not merely being disease-free, nor about how many pushups you can do. True wellness is being mentally and physically integrated, coordinated, centered, balanced, empowered, naturally comfortable and free to move how you want. From this perspective, the food you eat, the way you exercise, and the things you tell yourself are all of equal importance. Developing true wellness requires the same method as developing skill in martial arts, it is about seeking balance.

Wu Academy is a work in progress, always evolving and striving to be the best we can be. We hope you will join us and take part in this process. Our school gives students the art and daily practice that provides long-term health, empowerment, and self-acceptance. This is the beauty of the Martial Arts culture that we stand for and inspired the creation of Wu Academy.

Come visit us to see for yourself what our classes are like!