Our Instructors

All Wu Academy instructors have traveled in China and studied martial arts with the masters there. They know from personal experience the life-enriching benefits of these beautiful and deep arts. At Wu Academy, our instruction is a continuation of tradition going back thousands of years! Our enthusiasm comes from a love of what we do, we know how to teach you to be your best, and our patience comes from experience and confidence that everyone can master the martial arts with time and persistence.

Shifu Justin Eggert has been training in martial arts for over 20 years and is the founder of Wu Academy. His passion for the Chinese martial arts has led him around the world training with famous masters such as Wang Xian, You Xuande, Li Deyin, Zhong Xueyong, and Li Shudong, to name a few. This experience has changed his life and has given him a well-rounded knowledge of traditional and modern forms of Tai Chi, Qigong, and Kung Fu / Wushu.

Shifu Justin Eggert’s credentials are many for such a young Master:

  • 4-time World Silver Medalist in Traditional Wushu
  • World Gold Medalist in Health Qigong
  • Winner of over 50 Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals and trophies in USA regional and national competition circuits
  • Certified Tai Chi Master
  • Certified IWUF “International Judge”
  • Certified Martial Arts Instructor
  • Instructor of 6 World Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medalists
  • Certified 4th Duan in Health Qigong
  • Served as a Judge numerous times to select Team USA
  • Served as a Coach of the 2012 USA Traditional Wushu Team
  • Current Board Member of the National Tai Chi Wellness Foundation
  • Current Vice President of the USA Health Qigong Federation
  • Former Instructor at Stanford University’s H.I.P. program and Tai Chi research projects to research the scientific health benefits of Tai Chi
  • Current Adjunct Professor teaching Tai Chi at Santa Rosa Junior College

Shifu Justin Eggert uses his fluent Mandarin Chinese language skills to enrich his understanding of the underlying principles and philosophy, then tirelessly searches for special teaching methods to adapt his unique methods of translating this knowledge to his students. If you study with him, you will find he is very friendly and generously gives to every student.

I’ve been training with Shifu Justin Eggert for over 5 years now, and the experience has been amazing and life changing in a truly positive way. Tai chi is deeply rooted in my life. Thank you!

Miguel Gonzalez, Wu Academy Student