Kung Fu Kids (ages 6-12)

Studying kung fu at Wu Academy is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your child (and to yourself, parents)! We have found kung fu to be the ultimate way for your kids to master control of their bodies, maintain healthy and balanced lives, and build confidence and self-respect. No other activity is quite like it.

Kids love to do kung fu, learning various skills, leaps, punches, and kicks; and staying fit while they have tons of fun. At Wu Academy, we provide a friendly, non-violent atmosphere that supports your children as they grow.

We have designed a class structure and curriculum that progressively challenge kids, one step at a time. Students initially learn what they can handle, and then our instructors guide them to challenge themselves a little more. The physical abilities and personal confidence children develop in just a few years of training is priceless, and will stay with them their entire lives.

At Wu Academy, you can expect your children to learn to:

  • Have fun while they exercise
  • Become flexible, fit, and in control of their bodies
  • Increase focus and endurance
  • Build inner confidence, self-control, cooperation, and respect for others
  • Set and achieve goals, one step at a time
  • Master a traditional art with more than 2000 years of history
  • Perform for audiences on stage with confidence

We invite you to come in soon to try a class (for free)! We look forward to meeting you and your “kung fu kids.”