Adult Programs

Our adult classes are totally different from our children’s programs. The various disciplines we offer for adults – Tai Chi, Kung Fu, and Qigong – are also distinctly different from each other. We recommend that you try out each class to see which is right for you. Many of our students initially think they want one class, and after some time they explore taking a different class, or more than one. Each art is unique with its own valuable characteristics and benefits.

Tai Chi: Our Tai Chi program is very popular! It is relaxing, interesting and fun, and we teach you a complete system of wellness, relaxation, and self-defense. LEARN MORE

Kung Fu: Our adult Kung Fu system is based on the professional training methods practiced in China. This system emphasizes fluidity combined with explosive speed. You will learn solo and partner practices, aerial techniques, weapons, and sword skills. LEARN MORE

Qigong: Qigong is based on Chinese medicine and inspired by the flow of nature. We teach detailed, simple yet profound exercises which combine breathing, stretching, meditation, and internal energy flow. LEARN MORE