Children’s Programs

Wu Academy is a family Martial Arts school. Our children’s classes are safe, healthful, and fun. We value cooperation, self-discipline, self-confidence, and mutual respect.

Your children will be guided by positive role models to develop their minds and bodies while learning to find their inner strength and self-worth. Our Kung Fu Kids programs have been very successful in teaching high level skills, while ensuring that the students enjoy their journey to mastery.

Our Kid’s Programs

Kung Fu Class Rules

  1. Respect Yourself
    Respect your body, and don’t put yourself down. If you are not good at a move, it only means that you need to practice.  Respect yourself, and be proud of who you are.
  2. Respect Your Teachers
    Your teachers need your support and cooperation in order to teach you the best that they can. Commit yourself to the class rules, and trust your teacher’s guidance.
  3. Respect Your Classmates
    You and your classmates are a team, and you must treat each other with support and respect. If another student is having trouble, help him/her out and be encouraging.
  4. Respect Your Environment
    Treat the places you train, live, and play with respect. Take care of your school, Wu Academy, your home, and nature. Show respect by leaving places cleaner and better than you found them.
  5. Respect Kung Fu
    When you train in class or at home, treat every movement with thought and care. Never do the movements sloppily or cut corners. Put your heart and all your energy into every move, be patient with yourself, and always do your best.