Kung Fu

In Chinese kung fu means “accomplishment of great skill through practice.” There is a reason kung fu was developed thousands of years ago, and why it has survived into the 21st century: it is universally life-enhancing for all humans. Specific kung fu movements have developed with one goal; to integrate the body, mind, and life force (or ‘chi’). Kung fu training becomes an advanced course on how to move your body and maximize its coordination, flexibility, speed, and skill.

The serious student can use kung fu to be a good fighter, but the true reason to pursue kung fu is to become a healthier, well-balanced human being, working towards self-mastery.

Our adult kung fu classes are suitable for students beginning at age thirteen. Students are taught a strong foundation of martial arts techniques while they develop body conditioning, flexibility, and strength. Body mechanics are taught in the form of stances, kicks, strikes, aerial techniques, open-handed forms, and over ten different weapons forms.

A few of the benefits students can expect when they consistently practice kung fu are:

  • Extraordinary cardio training and whole body conditioning
  • Balance of power and flexibility
  • Centering and stress reduction
  • Mastery of traditional kung fu skills
  • Training with up to ten different weapons