Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a unique and rather enigmatic art form and philosophy of movement and breathing. Based on simple yet profound principles, tai chi originates from the Chinese martial arts. It has evolved into a true wellness system combining fluid spiral movements, refined breathing techniques, meditation, and traditional Chinese medical theory, with martial arts applications.

Tai chi transforms movement by centering its practitioner’s inner power, maintaining a natural balance, and teaching the body to adapt to change. The practice of this art will enhance the quality of your life by leaving you refreshed, stress-free, and in a great mood. Unlike most forms of exercise, tai chi can be safely practiced at any age, and its depth keeps students interested for a lifetime.

Chen Tai Chi: A dynamic style of tai chi that is famous for its spiraling power and deep stances. We teach a complete curriculum of both “Laojia” and “Xinjia” methods, including weapons like Chen Tai Chi Sword.

Yang Tai Chi: A beautiful style of tai chi known for its flowing meditative movements. We teach both empty hand and sword forms.

The tai chi program at Wu Academy has been designed to be a complete and dynamic study of all aspects of the art. We recommend you try a class to see what it is like!