Wu Academy wins 13 trophies at the 7th annual Wine Country Karate Open

Congratulations to all competitors at the 7th annual Wine Country Karate Open!

Wu Academy sent a team of 6 volunteers to compete at the Wine Country Karate Open Tournament last weekend on Feb 21st, 2015. Everyone did there best and improved their skills in preparation for the tournament. Overall our six competitors brought home 13 trophies. Many students won 1st place in their divisions, and 10-year-old Student Yvette Tran won the all-around championships finals 2 times for empty hand and weapons forms beating many competitors including black belts and adults. We are proud of everyone that participated in the competition no matter the outcome or shiny awards. In our eyes, you became a winner the second you decided to put yourself out there and compete! Instead of finding an excuse to avoid the challenge you volunteered to challenge yourselves and train extra hard. In doing so, you should have no regrets no matter the outcome and you have gained valuable life experiences.

Honorable mention:

  • Yvette Tran (2-time grand champion, 1st place for staff, and 1st place for Changquan)
  • Benny Chanthavong, (1st place for Spear, and 2nd place for Nanquan)
  • Seth Burns (1st place for Nanquan, and 1st place for spear)
  • Liana Semet (1st place for Changquan)
  • Eric Snyder (2nd place for Broadsword, and 3rd for Changquan)
  • Frances Fowler (did not place this time, but we are so proud of her)